Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ninety-Nine, 1976. One of my first pro gigs. The band, named after a card game, backed up soul singer Margie Alexander, who later moved to gospel. It was the Dawn of the Platform Shoe, but I chose the Serious Beard/Leisure Suit look. Highlights: playing James Brown's club in Augusta, where the Godfather himself beamed in our direction during the sound check. We also played at Atlanta's legendary Auburn Avenue Casino Club where I was awestruck standing on the same stage where the gods of Motown & other R&B greats had once stood. I had an early sixties Strat then, which would now be worth several times the combined 1976 income of the band. A year of playing clubs, lounges, backwoods shacks and even a women's prison, from Slidell, LA to Wilmington, NC. A real eye-opener, and total fun.