Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Checkered Musical Past

Bats On Skis, 1973-1975: A Decatur, GA-based garage/cover band, venturing out only twice to play for Emory U. law club parties. After two years the plug was finally pulled, triggered in part by getting evicted from the garage, which was in fact a mini-storage rental space (the landlord was never that fond of beer-swilling noisy rockers as storage material).
An ironic legacy remains for this band: years after we broke up, a promoter friend who had met us remembered our name and suggested it to an 80s Canadian band he was producing. Legal foresight not being at the top of my priority list in the 70s, I hadn't trademarked the name. The Canadian band used it and went on to achieve some regional success, TV appearances, etc. Through them, the name also managed to get printed on some posters which were used as props in the movie Head Office starring Judge Reinhold, Danny DeVito & other stars, filmed partly in Canada. A meaningless joke band name that took me all of 1 minute to think up is preserved forever in film history, now probably the legal property of a Hollywood conglomerate. Oh, well...