Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Welcome all! The story of this project begins with a deep yearning for something I had lost. Having bought high quality guitars since high school, I always traded one in, bought another, over and over. If I'd kept all of them, I'd have cashed them in for a retirement fund, since the only safe place for them now would be, sadly, a vault!  Years after I sold my last one, I sat around lamenting the fact that I had zero guitars, so I decided to build one. Before I began, I took time to ponder the following question: if I could commission a dream guitar, what would it be like? There was a lot of information gathering to do.

After several more intensive years of loitering in music stores, sketching, computer drafting, patent searching, tooling and prototype building, the result is the Von Mir. The first model, the Boxtail, is inspired by the timeless hourglass shape of the mountain dulcimer. The second model, the Pintail, has an aesthetic mix that recalls surfboards and exotic car fenders (I fantasize regularly over 30's Bugattis). Von Mirs are not boutique guitars, however. They are built to be sweated on, shaken, jerked, squeezed, scratched, even dropped (guitar repair shops need work too).